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How is it even possible that I got here? This Brand…. QuishBaby Inc. takes me back to where it all began. My passion.

I started road racing around the age of 16 and later moved on to dome racing. What an experience! The biking community is tight knit to say the least, and I was welcomed into it with no hesitation. Back in the 1980’s, spending over 4 grand for a road bike was “unthinkable” but I cherished that bike like a baby. Every performance part I could get my hands on that would give me the “edge” was on it. I fondly remember when off season began, I would take that bike apart, clean it with care and store it for the following season. Bike mechanics were really unheard of and you were on your own. 

Back then I was an oddity for sure. I pushed myself to limits I never knew that I had, and this has formed who I am today. Always striving for perfection and seeing how far I can go.

The fabrication of cycling gear has come along way from when I started. My clothing was not overly performance based but, it was the best at the time. I found it to be stifling, not breathable and it offered very little movement. I remember getting off my bike after one race and my whole body resembled a road rash. Sweat stuck to me, the bands along my arms and legs became constrictive due to extreme muscle use. It was not for the faint of heart for sure.

QuishBaby has been a focus of mine for years, because I lived for biking/racing with a passion. My desire is to put my experience in a format that can lead to a healthier more vibrant future, whether it be for racing or for leisure. Clothing and comfort is a huge part of this, and it doesn’t hurt looking cool while doing it :).

We have integrated with a major manufacturer to bring you only the best. Personally I have been looking over the years for specific products that CONSISTENTLY work.

Here are some of the issues that I have had in the past with specific gear (and I know you probably have been there to).

* Fabric composition. It is vitally important to have material that is breathable, flexible, and adjusts with your body while you are biking.

* Band Width. I cannot tell you how important this is. If you are an avid cyclist you know what I mean. You’re pushing hard and the bands around your thighs either ride up or roll….argh! That’s brutal, especially when you are unable to fix it. Same goes for the arm bands. You are moving forward and they pinch under your pits, or worse yet the are literally stuck in place and you have no movement, so you end up constantly readjusting yourself. You do not have this luxury if you are racing. In the end you just end up dealing with it. If you cannot move comfortably when cycling you will not enjoy it. Also consider how the waist feels. Find a style that works for you, just make sure it does not roll because this will cut into you and get tighter as you go along on your ride.

* Padding. Too much, too little, too far over, it really can be a guessing game as everyone is made differently. It really is a personal preference. I don’t like the padding to go too far down my inner thighs it bugs me and I find it bulky (but if you are doing long distance races or commutes this may be more appropriate).

Whether it be road racing or mountain biking, I have done them both and I know how important proper fitting gear is. If it’s on a competitive level, it will make or break you as well. Mind focus is huge!! If you lose it or lack it because something is not right you will beat yourself up over it.

Don’t be a victim right from the start. Start off on the right foot/pedal and give yourself the tools to succeed in your sport.

Check out Solo Rides often as this will be where I blog about training practices, performance (mental & physical), training with purpose, as well as other features.

As always I am forever grateful on you taking the time to visit our site.:)

It doesn’t matter the size of the goal or journey, always remember to celebrate and

Release Your Victory!!